Providing support for adults with disabilities when and where it’s needed

Everyone deserves the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life – including those with disabilities

Unfortunately, some people don’t get that opportunity. Adults with disabilities often have a poorer quality of life. 
And we want to change that. 

NB Allied Health is a NDIS registered mobile physiotherapy service in Sydney. Our mission is to inspire adults with disabilities to achieve their mobility goals, relieve their pain, and live more fulfilling lives. We’re passionate about helping individuals regain their independence and access to the community.

We aspire to provide therapies and teach techniques that will allow individuals to better manage their conditions, reach their goals, and achieve a higher quality of life.
And we can meet you wherever you prefer, whether that’s your home, the local park, an aquatic centre or even a gym. Think of us as your Uber Eats of physiotherapy but without the delivery fee.

As a NDIS mobile physiotherapy provider in Sydney, we have experience working with people living with different conditions. This includes:

NB Allied Health has experience working with people who suffer from a wide range of conditions including:

Physical disabilities

This includes conditions that affect a person’s ability to perform physical activities (e.g. walking). Physiotherapists specialise in diagnosing and managing conditions that cause physical impairments. Physiotherapy can improve a person’s ability to get out of bed, stand without supports, walk a certain distance, or perform daily activities.

Intellectual disabilities

This broad term is used to describe learning and communication difficulties that can affect a person’s ability to remain independent and social within the community. It can range from mild to severe to profound.

The benefits of physical activity to those with intellectual disabilities are well documented. They include:

– Physical fitness/strength
– Improved memory and cognitive performance
– Psychological wellbeing
– More positive moods
– Increased self-confidence

We understand that everyone is unique and learns in different ways, and that life can sometimes be overwhelming. Our NDIS mobile physiotherapy team in Sydney can help simplify their routine, making it easier for them to get stronger and fitter.

Mental Health

Psychosocial disorders can affect a person’s ability to regulate their emotion and behaviour, which in turn can impact their overall health and wellbeing. Research shows there’s a link between mental health and physical health. It has also been linked to other chronic diseases, which can be prevented with the right lifestyle choices. Therapies tailored to improving physical wellbeing can also have a positive impact on a person’s mental health.

Neurological disabilities

These are conditions that affect a person’s nervous system (including their brain) or nerves controlling their bodily functions. They can be caused by acquired or traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, and other ailments.

They can affect a person’s ability to perform day-to-day activities such as mobility, exercise and accessing the community.

One of our mobile physio’s in Sydney will help identify and focus on key areas requiring improvement (e.g. strength, balance, coordination) to help those affected achieve their goals so they can live more independent and fulfilling lives.

Our NDIS mobile physiotherapy in Sydney is a great option for people who prefer to receive therapies in the comfort of their home or their preferred location.

On average our mobile physio service in Sydney saves our clients 20 – 30% of the service costs by cutting out additional travel fees.

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